How Transparency Can Slash Your Churn Rate by 89%

By Adam Toren
Entrepreneur Magazine

When looking to curb churn, it all comes down to the delicate balancing act of the three value elements that resonate with customers: product, user experience and level of service.

The problem starts when you need to prioritize resources: for example, when releasing a new feature that a major customer is requesting. You make sure it works perfectly, you pay attention to the usability and you communicate the value this feature brings to your services and accounts team. That’s how you minimize the gap between true and perceived value, or better yet, increase the perceived value.

One entrepreneur’s journey into radical transparency created amazing results.  Check out the full story here…

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To be a top quartile SaaS grower, you need to know this about churn…

By Ben Vonwiller

When there are so many metrics that are touted: gross churn, net churn, logo churn, renewal rates, NPS score, etc. what is most important and why?

TechCrunch reveals in an informative article that Our conclusion is that I, by far, is the most impactful metric! Yet, most public SaaS companies report net churn, which represents how your existing customer base is growing or shrinking from one period to the next. Discover what discovered…

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