I recently asked 173 recruiters, “What’s your biggest challenge right now in getting as many top candidates as you need from your job posts/recruitment ads in order to fill your most urgent openings?”

Top Recruiter Challenges

Top Candidates don’t apply to my job posts and I get too many unqualified candidates responses.
Job posts get buried in search results especially after a day or so.
I’m not sure where to post my most critical jobs for highly targeted niche skill sets to get the best candidates.
I need to target my ads for specific jobs in specific geographic locations.
I have budget restraints that prevent me for getting enough job post exposure where I need it the most.

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Above Video Addresses all Recruiter Concerns Listed Above and More...Click to See Video Table of Contents

Time within Video Topic 00:00 Description of case study and how the most common job post challenges were solved

00:42 Setting up the job search case study parameters 00:46 You have to compete where 50% – 60% of all candidate job searches start

01:06 Competing on the second most popular place for all candidate job searches 01:14 Introduction of a critical shift in job posts strategy already taking place

01:33 Begin actual candidate job search case study

02:20 Showing difficulties associated with competing with big job boards

03:04 Begin discussion of how to compete for first page search results

03:25 Two critical points every job poster must know to compete

03:47 Understanding difference of your landing page vs. job board and aggregator landing pages…this is a critical must know

04:50 Begin analysis of a company ad and why it won’t attract top candidates

05:30 How to transform the ad to attract more top candidates 06:00 Introducing the “WIFM job post strategy” that hooks top candidate interest

06:06 How to get ad placement that competes with the “big guys” on a budget you can afford

07:07 Begin summary of leveraged benefits from a new job post strategy

08:20 Get even more creative to put job posts in front of semi-active and passive candidates

11:01 Why it doesn’t cost anything to make your ad visible in a top position

11:44 The biggest reveal of all; something new using Big Data that leverages your job post beyond anything else, all on autopilot

12:33 How to get job post market intelligence for an average of 2.5 million posts per day

13:12 Where to get more details on what this means to you and your future job post success

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