Quality of Hire – Attracting and hiring the best – it’s what our clients expect!

Helping our hospital clients build high-value organizations by hiring exceptional people within the highly competitive healthcare marketplace is what we do best! A key component includes Performance-based Hiring methodology.

Performance-based Hiring

Based on our client’s needs and desire, we can include elements of Performance-based Hiring training into our active search assignments. This is done via access to an online global Learning Management System available 24 x 7 for just-in-time training for Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition Leaders and Recruiters.

This combines all of the best elements of the Performance-based Hiring framework into a real client search. We work as true partners alongside our client’s hiring team to incorporate “Performance-based Hiring “, which is an evidence-based performance  selection standard. This ensures that we achieve our goal of only providing Tier 1 talent that has been thoroughly accessed to meet each client’s specific post-hire performance objectives.

We help clients build a Tier 1 Performance-based Hiring Profile, then attract, engage, and hire Human Resource and Talent Leaders who prove they can deliver on those objectives.