Contractor Backoffice Services

More Money Faster for Contractors

Though our global service, you gain all of the advantages of contracting without the administrative burden or associated risks of being self-employed. You can have peace of mind that comes with the reassurance that your administration and accounts are being taken care of in a fast, efficient and fully compliant manner, while retaining more of your income through the tax savings we can often generate.

Employer of Record “EOR” Assures Legal Compliance For Client and Contractor

When you accept an assignment with one of our Clients, you can take advantage of becoming a W2 employee with our back office partner firm. Our back office partners have established relationships with many US and international employers. Bradford Search Consultant’s back office services offer a convenient and secure web based system that is available to Contractors and Clients.

Agent of Record AOR – 1099 / Corp-to-Corp

Bradford Search Consultants back office manages compliance standards for 1099 Independent Contractors or Corp. to Corp. Contractors placed with our Clients. We process weekly or monthly Contractor payroll via our secure web based system. We encourage you and the Client to utilize our compliance solution prior to assignment to ensure your independent Contractor complies with federal and state regulations. This ensures that you as a Contractor are properly established and carrying appropriate levels of required insurance.

Timesheets and Payroll

We will be responsible for receiving your time sheet and processing your payroll. This can include reimbursement for approved business expenses (see below). You’ll be paid on a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on how your contract is structured; no more waiting for your pay. We withhold all employee and employer state and federal statutory taxes and assume responsibility for remittance to the appropriate state and federal agency. This includes providing Contractors with all Client and state required insurances including workers compensation, general liability, and errors & omissions. This means that you will be in 100% compliance with all withholding and reporting for tax purposes.


  • Quick and easy way to go contracting – no sign-up/exit fees or minimum period.
  • Web based electronic time sheets, 24/7 access to pay slips/contracts/tax history, direct deposit and more.
  • You’re paid on a regular weekly basis with direct deposit services. You’ll no longer have to wait on the Client to pay your invoice. It’s so much quicker and more regular.
  • We’ll pay half of the Social Security taxes as a W2 employee and that’s worth 7.65% on the first $113,700 in 2013. Of course you pay must pay Medicare taxes on all of your income.
  • Reimbursement of legitimate business expenses (see above).
  • (W-2 only) Tax and professional, liability and workers compensation insurance compliance.
  • (W-2 only) Optional health insurance coverage: This includes health, dental and vision insurance plan options at group rates along with other benefits.
  • (W-2 only) Unemployment Processing: Should you need it, you will become eligible for unemployment insurance.
  • 1099 compliant structures for Independent Contractors.
  • 1099 Professional Indemnity and Liability insurance referral services.
  • H-1B, E-3 visa facilitation processing for global Contractors who qualify.
  • Access to experts in Accounting, Insurance, Finance and Labor Law Immigration and relocation assistance.
  • Low audit risk.
  • Portable Employer of Record Program for Independent, Freelance and Corp – Corp Contractors

Partnering with Bradford Search Consultants as your Portable Employer of Record grants you all the opportunities of building your own business without the hassle of dealing with the back office administrative work so you can focus on what you truly do best – servicing your Clients.

Bradford Search Consultant’s Portable Employer of Record Program enables you to work as an independent, freelancer or Corp to Corp Contractor, lining up your own contracts and setting your own bill rate and length of assignment, while being able to take advantage of a corporate infrastructure environment and a professional insurance umbrella.

Receive the advantage of having one long term employer and a single W-2 no matter how often you change Clients or assignments or how many states you desire to work in.


Depending on how you structure your business, we offer the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive back office support.
  • Professional insurance umbrella.
  • Employees’ workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.
  • Withholding of payroll taxes.
  • Billing and collecting from Clients.
  • Managing reimbursement of approved business expenses.
  • Setting aside 401k contributions.
  • Uninterrupted medical insurance.

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