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SaaS Sales Marketplace

We are a niche recruiting and staffing consulting firm specializing in the SaaS Sales market as a component of the integrated Talent Management enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

This may include such functions as: eRecruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, Workforce Management and eLearning. We focus daily on knowing who the top players are, both employers and candidates.

Top Talent Focus

Our specialization with the SaaS Sales marketplace includes roles such as: Pre-sales Systems Engineers, Senior Sales Representative, Accountant Executive, Sales Consultant, Business Development Manager, Customer Satisfaction, Sales Training, Inside Sales, Sales Director, VP Sales and more. 

This includes roles that are in-house as well as virtual, across multiple vertical SaaS markets.

Sales Leadership

The success or failure of an organization’s long-term business strategy ultimately depends upon the talent they hire and nurture.

Recruiting for critical Senior SaaS Sales Professionals and Sales Executives who understand how to achieve sales goals in highly-competitive markets is what we specialize in at Bradford Consulting Companies.

Quality Hiring - PbH

Presenting our clients with exceptional candidates is our first priority. The core of our recruiting methodology is based on Performance-based Hiring.

Every candidate is thoroughly assessed using our multi-factor Quality of Hire Scorecard which is presented to our clients along with the candidate’s resume and other relevant assessment information.

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