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We help hospitals attract Tier 1 HR Talent in a fiercely competitive market!

We  help our hospital and healthcare clients build HR Leadership and Talent Acquisition Capability as they face competitive workforce markets shortages at every level of healthcare.

Health care is moving at the speed of light, and for many health system CEOs and Human Resource Executives, that requires a need for agility to tackle what’s now and what’s next.

As hospital reimbursements are becoming tied to performance and patient outcomes, staff will be central to this success. We use Performance-based Hiring which is a systematic process for hiring top medical talent. Carl Bradford is an expert in this method and has certified recruiting teams around the world in this approach. Research shows that your ability to attract Tier 1 Medical Staff talent (the right people, not just anyone) is now one of the biggest differentiating factors in business

Quality of Hire is our only standard.